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A postcard-perfect beach destination adorned with a cluster of 572 islets, Andaman is a little slice of paradise. What comes to mind when we talk about Andaman are images of picturesque islands, gorgeous beaches, azure skies and meandering trails. Floating in the Bay of Bengal, the archipelago lies in the east of the Indian mainland. From plush flora and fauna to rich history and heritage, Andaman is simply a feast for one’s eyes. Merely 36 islands are inhabited, and even fewer are open to tourists. Some islands are home to several indigenous tribes who have zero contact with the outside-world.

Blessed with beautiful topography, the underwater action, tropical rain-forests, island hopping, white sand beaches and tranquil ambiance, Andaman makes for an ideal getaway for all kinds of travelers. For those who enjoy an adrenaline-filled action, this is the right place to be. An aquatic adventure such as snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, undersea walking, speed boating, and kayaking is at your fingertips. A treasure trove of exquisite vistas, Andaman is full of things that can make you go gaga and lives up to the hype.

Travelers arrive at Port Blair as domestic flights from all the major cities to the capital continue to be the best way to reach the island. If you look at the map closely, Port Blair lies in the Southern island of Andaman. Trace your finger all the way to the north, and halt at the island named Diglipur. A pre-eminent destination for ecotourism, Diglipur is the largest town in the northern province of the Andamanarchipelago.

Famed highlights such as Ross & Smith Islands, Kalipur Beach, Ramnagar Beach, Alfred cave, Saddle Peak; all of them perfectly complement each other to create the magical realm of Diglipur. Whether looking for an active or sedentary time up here at this island, Diglipur provides a backdrop to admire from afar, or run headfirst into and explore. Diglipur boasts of abundant greenery and captivating marine life and is bound to leave visitors overwhelmed. The temperature here ranges between 23°C – 31°C, which accounts for pleasant weather throughout the year.

Diglipur, the hidden gem of Andamans, is an amalgamation of diversity, in its landscape as well as its portrait. Inhabitants include people from Bengal, Tamil Nadu and Kerala offering a unique cultural experience. The two primary occupations in this island are cultivation and fisheries. The peak tourist season in North Andamans is between November and March. Buses between PortBlair and Diglipur run in the morning. There are three refreshing breaks in the journey during which travelers need to cross the creeks using vehicle ferries.

Nestled at an elevation of 43m above sea level, it is roughly 298 kilometers from Port Blair. Owing to its distance from the popular tourist hot spots of Andaman, the island often gets unnoticed by travelers who have little time on their hands. But perhaps, this is the reason that

Experiences offered in Diglipur are rare, incredible and worth the effort. Travelers who make this long journey far north are in for a treat.

From scaling the highest peak in the Bay of Bengal to witnessing an active mud volcano, hiking the cluster of extraordinary 41 limestone caves, observing sea turtles nest or the hatchlings discovering the clear waters for the first time, Diglipur is a treasure trove for all. With so much to indulge in, travelers often visit Diglipur with snorkeling gear, trekking shoes and time on their hands. In the land of sun and sea, pursue swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, trekking, island hopping and so much-more.

Ross&Smith Islands or “Twin-islands” are two separate entities that are connected by a natural sandbar. Visible during low tides, the crescent-shaped “Sandbar Beach” gets submerged during high tide. Surrounded by lush greenery and emerald water, the island also boasts of a marine sanctuary making it the ideal place to spot beautiful corals.

Saddle Peak, at the ascent of 732m, is the highest point in the Bay of Bengal and overlooks the glorious coasts of North and Middle Andaman. Surrounded by Saddle Peak National Park, the trail is steep and 8 kilometers long. There are three viewpoints on this trek, and the intermediate one offers a bird’s eye view of the neighboring islands.

To witness turtle nesting and hatching in Andamans, head to the Aamkunj beach, Dhaninallah beach or Karmatang, also known as the ‘Turtle Paradise’ of India. Weather plays an influential role during the nesting season. Female turtles approach the sandy beaches and begin digging a hole, where they later nest hundreds of-eggs.

Diglipur is home to a cluster of limestone caves, or as it’s rightly called “Alfred Caves”. A trek through the jungle leads you to the natural habitats of Swiftlet birds which nest in these caves. Their edible nests are quite famed and valued in the world. Roughly 40 kilometers north of Diglipur, active muddy craters can be found. A mud volcano is a natural spectacle and is caused by the eruption of hot mud, slurries, gases and water from the ground. These are not textbook volcanoesastheydonotemitlavaandarenotnecessarilydrivenbymagmaticactivity.

Escape from the cacophony of urban life is something we all desire, and if there is a little chance of that happening, why hold back? A beautiful hamlet in the Bay of Bengal, Diglipur boasts of its untouched beauty, pleasant ambiance and Eco-friendly travel. A destination bestowed with all the nature’s blessings, Diglipur takes you on a magical trail with a play of colors in the landscape you witness. Isn’t that worth adding to your bucket list?

Those who take the road not taken, sure are up for a once in a lifetime experience, as this tropical paradise harbors rare attractions you don’t find anywhere else in the Andamans. Whether you are a couple planning your honeymoon or a family planning a holiday, or a solo traveler who wants to explore offbeat travel, here’s presenting the honeymoon or a family planning a holiday, or a solo traveler who wants to explore offbeat travel here’s presenting the perfect and pristine Eco-friendly destination for you, Diglipur.

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